Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Days of our Packers

Well, it's been a while with Packer stuff on the Oracle hasn't it? It's been fairly dead on the news part until the last week so wasn't much to write about. Plus, I've been in a bit of a funk since Stacy Kiebler inexplicably lost on Dancing With The Stars.

Ahman Green signed a
one year deal with the Packers. Here's a quote from the article:

"The one-year, $2 million contract Green signed Monday includes a $500,000 signing bonus, which is the only guaranteed money... The contract also features $2.75 million of incentives. Green gets $250,000 if he rushes for 750 yards, another $500,000 if he reaches 950 yards, another $500,000 for 1,150 yards, another $500,000 for 1,350 yards and another $500,000 for 1,550 yards."

So, the Packers are only out 2M in cap should Green not be able to come back from his injury with any real capacity, and they are not tied to a long-term deal should this be the case. Now, if he puts up 1550 yards, the Pack will owe him 2.75M, and if that happens, I think everyone will be friggin' ecstatic as the Pack will have had a damn good season. Heck, if he is able to put up 950 yards, I'm happy. Not seeing-Stacy-Kiebler-on-TV happy, but happy nonetheless.

A rumor going around is that the Packers will sign S Marquand Manuel from Seattle to replace Mark Roman once FA starts. Not sure on this one as he was not even in the top 10 safeties available in FA and we are rumored to have a 5yr deal all but done. He is an upgrade over Roman, but then a grilled cheese sandwich is as well. MMMMM grilled cheeeeeese... Ahem, sorry about that. Suppose I should trust Thompson that he knows what he is doing on this one, given he's the GM and been in the NFL for a long time and I just write a silly blog with a cheese background.


Russ said...

Ooh - I shouldn't have clicked on that "Stacy Kiebler" link while at work...

Cheesehead Craig said...

It's a good one isn't it? I think she is replacing Daisy Fuentes as the site's official T&A.

Russ said...

Maybe, but Daisy will always have a special place in my heart.