Thursday, March 02, 2006

Newsflash! Bucks lose to good team!

In an amazingly shocking result, the Bucks lost to the Phoenix Suns last night 123-110. The Suns shot 103% from the field, helped by the Bucks becoming completely discombobulated and actually making some shots into their own basket for the Suns. Many in attendance were describing it "similar to that of a Harlem Globetrotter game". The crowd was roaring with laughter throughout at the ease at which the Suns scored.

MVP candidates Shawn Marion and Steve Nash combined for 52 points in about 12 minutes of play to lead the best team in the West. Nash was seen enjoying some ice cream while on the bench, it was reported to be mint chocolate chip.

The Bucks were led by Michael Redd's 37 pts, with Bogut chipping in 15 pts and 9 rbs. After the game, Redd and Mo Williams were wearing oxygen masks from trying to keep up with the constant sprinting offense of the Suns. Both were able to gasp out between breaths that it was all TJ Ford's fault that they lost, as he was not Steve Nash. Ford responded to the attacks by stepping on their oxygen lines and giving them purple nurples.

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