Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ho Hum, Bucks win

The Bucks almost blow a 17pt lead in their 88-87 win over Atlanta. The Bucks are currently 31-32 and in the 8th spot for the playoffs, 3 games above Chicago, but only 2 games from the #5 spot (Indiana). The Bucks have been struggling lately and it's been real hard to follow them given all their issues and poor play. Not a single Buck has been consistently good and there are going to be some changes this offseason in personnel, that's for sure. Magloire is reportedly unhappy and the Bucks could certainly get some quality help in return in a trading him after the season. Perhaps with the much-maligned TJ Ford for a young, big-bodied PF to replace Joe Smith? Interesting to say the least. Mo Williams and Charlie Bell can handle the PG duties, and Bogut could then move to his natural C position.

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