Saturday, March 11, 2006

Goin' Kampin'

The Milwaukee Journal is reporting that Aaron Kampman has agreed to a contract with the Packers. Whoo Hoo! Given that he was on many "experts" lists of one of the top 10 -15 FA out there, Thompson did good. Kampman is not flashy, but he's consistant, smart and very durable. The Packers know what they are getting from him under last year's defensive scheme he flourished quite well. One can only assume that he will continue to play at that level or improve under the scheme. It's a good signing.

How will this affect how the Packers draft in the 1st round? Some may argue that this means Mario Williams will not be picked and that AJ Hawk is now the man. There is still a lot of FA left to go through and many more moves that will bring in the Packers draft day into greater focus. I have a short list of who I would like them to get:

Will Witherspoon, LB Carolina Panthers
Fast, agressive and well, good. Exactly what the Packers need to bolster a rather poor LB group. With Julian Peterson to gain most of the attention of the FA market, Witherspoon could get fewer suitors until Peterson is off the market. The Pack should just focus on him from the get-go as they could outbid just about everyone for him.

LeCharles Bentley, C New Orleans Saints
Everyone who watched the Packers last year saw how crummy the OL was. Rumor is that MM has some sort of connection with him, so there may be a better than average chance of getting him. He's one of the best C out there and once again, the Packers can outbid the rest for him. Let the rest of the league go after Hutchinson.

Rod Gardner, WR Packers
With the whole Walker fiasco and Murphy's injury forcing him out of the NFL, the Packers WR corps is paper thin. Given Gardner is on his last chance in the NFL, he would welcome a chance at beign the #3 or even #2 WR. He showed some good ability during his short time with the Packers at the end of last season and is sorely needed to be retained.

That's all I got for now. So far so good on the FA front, let's hope TT acts quickly to spend that 30+ M in cap he has left.

Update 3/11 3:20pm: Bentley has signed with the Browns. Cleveland had a ton of money as well to spend and targeted him as their main man. That's one that got away.

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