Friday, January 07, 2005

Conundrum of the Week

Here is one of regular features that I intend to post here. I love this stuff and used to do logic puzzles on a regular basis. Granted, I wasn't any good at them, but I still love the challange. I came up with this idea on New Year's Eve while hanging out at Shane's house. We were just reading cards from Mind Trap. It got me back in the mood for this stuff. I figured that this would be a fun way to infuriate those who care to read this site. I'll post the answer (and how it was deduced) in the comments field in a couple of days. Feel free to comment on what you think the answers are. Here is this week's conundrum:

A man is walking in the country and witnesses a murder. However, he continues walking on and does not report it to the police. Why not?

Edit : The answer is now in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Did he see a bug being murdered, or some sort of small animal?


SBG said...

How about this? Police are in cities. In the country, he would report it to the sheriff.

Cheesehead Craig said...

The answer to this weeks conumdrum is as follows:

A grouping of crows is called a murder, so the man would not call the police just because he saw a bunch of crows, now would he?

Anonymous said...

Ah, of course, a "murder of crows." Very clever!