Thursday, January 06, 2005

Three for One

This coming Sunday is the Packer playoff game, and I am quite stoked about it. They get to play the Vikings in their 3rd meeting of the year. The Packers have, as many of you who care know, won the previous 2 by an identical score of 34-31. Overall the Packers have won 4 of the last 5 meetings. Now, some Viking fans have the fallacious logic that the Vikes are now due for a win. Poor deluded souls. This "rivalry" is starting to turn out like the Packers/Bears games, you know, how the Packers have won the last 8 of the last 9, dominating the poor Illinisians. The Vikes are a team without heart, leadership and confidence. All of these are essential for any type of playoff success. Sure they have talent, but that alone means nothing without the previous qualities.

Living in MN, I have heard much from the fans saying how NOW the Vikes need to come out and play with aggression on defense and a killer instinct on offense. The Vikings have not shown either of these qualities for the last 5 weeks, and very little of it since week 6. Just because they are playing the Packers, these traits are not going to suddenly appear. "Remember opening day 2003!" is the cry of desperation the fans shout. That team is long gone, get over it.

The Packers are going to win this game for the following 3 reasons:

1- They have confidence in themselves right now. They went 9-2 to finish the season strong and know they can overcome their shortcomings on defense.

2- It's at Lambeau. Yeah, the Packers are only 4-4 at home this season. But the Vikes suck outside, and it beats the hell out of playing at the Big Inflatable Toilet in MN.

3- The Vikings don't believe they can win. They went 1-4 to end the season and their only win was by a botched extra point against Detroit. The Pack get up early on this team, they will fold. The Vikings are just waiting for something bad to happen to give them a reason to quit.

That's this "experts" ideas on the game on Sunday. Tune in another time for more meaningless drivel.

If you want to get some Viking perspective, feel free to click on the link for "A blog much cooler than mine". It's my good buddy Shane's blog. He works for the U of M and is a webmaster there. So, he has the smarts to design his own blog (along with the blogs of the U of M UThink system as well). I visit his site at least 3-4x/day just to see what he has put up. He is quite a good writer in my opinion and was my inspiration to start my own blog, so you can blame him for me being here.


Anonymous said...

I have just had a revelation. The Vikings will win on Sunday because the Vikings have never done anything that was expected of them all season long. So, right now we all expect them to lose. Blamo!!! That means they will do the exact opposite! In fact, I expect the Vikings to come out and dominate. Oh boy, I'm looking forward to the game now!

SBG said...

Good luck with your site and thanks for stopping by mine.

I'm thinking that the Packers will win this weekend, only to fall victim to the Atlanta Falcons next week. Why do I think that? Because the Vikings can't beat anyone right now. And the Packers have exactly zero wins against teams with winning records this year, one less than the Vikings.

Anonymous said...

Craig: Good to see that you have started your own blog. I must take issue with your notion that Minnesota "is a vast wasteland." As someone who grew up in central Minnesota, I can testify to the fact there is no wasteland quite like North Dakota, where I have now lived for five years. Good luck with the blog.

Curt in Grand Forks