Thursday, January 06, 2005

Idiot Box Bliss

Ahhhh wonderous TV. What else can satisfy so much and ask so little in return? Enter my favorite show: Alias. I have watched this show since it's beginning. The thing that keeps bringing me back is that it is essentially a Bond movie, except in one hour weekly blocks. Ok Ok, Jennifer Garner plays a big part of me coming back to the show. Ooooohhhh the outfits, the slow motion panning cameras, the... huh um... sorry, let my brain wander a bit there. Now then, where was I? Oh yes, it's like a Bond movie. Constant action sequences, stunts and fight scenes that are worthy of movies, all on the small screen. The characters are so well done on the show. They have all been given such great depth and they're addicting. My favorite, other than Jennifer... Jennifer... um, sorry about that, my testosterone and all. My 2nd favorite character is Marshall. His complete non-sequitors towards what is actually going on are absolutely hysterical. There seems to be no filter between his head and his mouth, much like me if you ask my wife. The first 2 seasons were outstanding, and last year's Rimbaldi and prophecy hunt was a bit out there, but enjoyable. This season's opener was quite good. I am looking forward to another wonderful season of the best show on TV.

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