Sunday, January 16, 2005

What a weekend!

DC Chargers
As I let you all know on Friday that Gabe was coming up and we were going the Dassel Cokato Chargers varsity basketball game. It was a blast! The pork patty feed lived up to its billing. The new gym that they were dedicating was quite nice. The games themselves were extremely exciting. The girls varsity team dominated the Howard Lake Lakers in the opener. The men's game was where the excitement was at. Trailing all game long, down by 14 in the 3rd quarter, being dominated on the boards, going 1-8 from the foul line, they put it all together. In a stunning 12 minute run, the Chargers came back and won 53-51. The crowd was cheering, yelling, and stomping on the bleachers for the entire 4th quarter. Shots started falling, they made their free throws and played incredible defense. The cheers were led by a surprising group, one of 30-40 grade schoolers. It was awesome! I was very impressed with the team. Dave installed a 2-3 zone for the first time in 4 years, and his team played it quite well given they had only a couple of days of practice with it. Dave made some incredibly great adjustments and shifts in strategy that kept the Lakers, and their Hall of Fame head coach, off guard. After the game, Dave hosted a party at his house that was very fun.

Vikings lose!
Sorry my loyal Viking readers, I'm happy.

Family fun
Due to the Packers no longer playing, my Sunday's are suddenly much more free. Today, during the Viking game, even though it was below zero out, I went sledding on a nearby hill with my son. The hills are a little steep, so I had a little hesitation of my 4 1/2 yr old going down, but he got a new inflatable tube to sled on. I had nothing to worry about. He was large (figuratively speaking) and in charge. We had an absolute blast! We weren't able to stay out very long due to the cold, but what time we had was great.


Anonymous said...

Curiously vague about the "fun" at Dave's after the game...
-Cheesehead's wife

Happy Birthday to your other faithful reader (Shane).

Anonymous said...

Finally...a great use for E communication...bragging up my Grandson and Granddaughter! Nice work, Cheesehead!
Thanks for sending me this site knew I would forget it before I got home.
- Another fan who is really curious about the fun at Dave's.