Friday, January 14, 2005

Reason to be happy

Ted Thompson has accepted the job as the new Packer's GM, thus making Sherman just the head coach. This is a great move for all. Thompson has been very instumental in getting players during the Packer's SB runs and great teams in the '90s and also for getting great players for the Seahawks, his current employer. His 8 years previous here with the Pack give him an automatic head start as he is very familiar with the people here. Also, given that he was Ron Wolf's right hand man, and is getting obscenely great reviews from Ron, I could not be happier with this. He'll have a tough job this year getting the salary cap straightened out, but his drafting skills are impeccible. I'm giddy for not only next year, but the Packers have got themselves someone who will be able to keep this team in the upper eschelon of the NFL for years to come. Now, if the Packers can somehow get Mr. Bates from Miami as their DC, I might just explode with joy. Next year is not looking so bad. Read about Ted at the website.

Speaking of exploding with joy, great news that the sale of the Brewers has been finalized by the MLB owners to Mark Attanasio. He has made some incredible trades already and has gotten the better end of all of them. He's willing to give the fans an actual solid team worth cheering for, versus the previous ownership that would only use hype. Mark did the smart thing by keeping Yost as the coach as he is very good. For the first time since I was a kid, I am actually looking forward to the Brewers baseball season.

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